Business Aviation

Business Aviation

Airflite specialises in numerous Line and Deeper Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul activities, including:

  • All inclusive Power-by-the-Hour Programs;
  • Travel ready technical teams for on location support domestically and internationally;
  • All scheduled maintenance inspections;
  • All unscheduled maintenance activities;
  • Aircraft modifications and upgrades;
  • Major structural inspection and repairs;
  • Avionics modifications, installations, repair and overhaul;
  • Ageing Aircraft Inspections, including life extension programs;
  • Corrosion control and repairs;
  • Service Bulletins and modifications;
  • Multiple Airframe / Engine OEM Service Centre Accreditations;
  • Warranty repairs;
  • Defect rectification.

These activities are performed both in Australia and Internationally, under Airflite’s extensive list of Airworthiness Approvals, including CASA, EASA and various regional approvals. FAA approval is currently pending.

The capabilities are applicable both within Australia and to the wider international aviation community through the deployment of a travelling team of engineers that can include other technical disciplines from within Airflite.

Through vast experience, a flexible customer-focussed approach, and dependable links with a variety of OEMs Airflite offers clients a variety of reliable and cost effective options for ongoing maintenance requirements, one-off maintenance tasks, major inspections, modifications and installations.

Current Aircraft Approvals include:

  • Piston Engine Aeroplanes and Helicopters (under 5700 kgs);
  • Turbine Engine Aeroplanes and Helicopters (under 2000 kgs);
  • BAe Jetstream 31 Series Aeroplanes;
  • Raytheon Beechcraft 1900 Series;
  • BAe 125-800 series aeroplanes;
  • Bombardier Challenger CL 600-2B19 (CRJ 100/200) fitted with CF34 series engines;
  • Bombardier Challenger CL600/601/604 fitted with ALF 502 and CF34 series engines;
  • Bombardier DHC-8-100/200/300 series aeroplanes fitted with Pratt & Whitney PWC100 series engines;
  • Cessna Citation 500/550/560 aeroplanes with Pratt & Whitney JT15D or PW500 series engines;
  • Cessna Citation 510 Mustang with Pratt and Whitney PW615 F-A series engines;
  • Cessna Citation 525/525A aeroplanes with Williams International FJ44 series engines;
  • Hawker 800/850/900 including XP series aeroplanes;
  • Embraer 500 (Phenom 100) fitted with Pratt & Whitney Canada PW617FE series engines;
  • Piaggio Avanti I and II Aircraft.

Airflite performs Hot Section Inspections on Pratt and Whitney PWC100, PT6 and JT15D Engines, APU Honeywell GRCP36-159 Series Engines and Honeywell TPE331 and TFE731 Engine Series (OEM Accredited). Piston Engine maintenance and servicing includes the full range of Lycoming and Continental Engines.

Line and On-Aircraft Maintenance capabilities are further supported by Airflite’s extensive component maintenance capabilities and product support functions.

Airflite is continually upgrading internal capabilities, enhancing external relationships and obtaining additional approvals to meet the ongoing changes in market trends and demands.

Make contact today to determine how Airflite can support your requirements.


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