Aircraft Painting

Aircraft Painting

Airflite offers aircraft Component Painting capabilities utilising modern surface finishing techniques to the highest standards, including paint stripping, corrosion control, surface preparation, priming and painting of both the aircraft and the aircraft components.

Airflite’s painting capability is mobile and a travelling team is available to perform remote location surface finishing activities and corrosion prevention functions at any approved facility throughout Australasia.

Complete Aircraft repaints on Military Aircraft, General Aviation Aircraft or Commercial and Business Jets can be undertaken by Airflite under the guidance and management of the Airflite painting and production control team. This service can include a managed or consultative design processes specific to the customer preferences and corporate branding. This service also includes detailed sign writing, aircraft reweigh and flight control balancing.

The corrosion control process can be combined with our Aircraft Structural Capability to effectively address the full extent of corrosion repairs prior to the conclusion of the surface finishing tasks.

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