Life Support Systems

Life Support Systems

Airflite can provide the following services in relation to the maintenance of Life Support Systems:

  • Servicing of aircrew personal survival packs fitted to Martin Baker ejection seats;
  • Servicing and repair to RAAF aircrew parachutes fitted to Martin Baker ejection seats, and drogue parachute brake chutes fitted to the RAAF Mk127 Hawk;

Servicing and repair to:

  • Aircrew flying clothing;
  • Automated life vests and associated safety, survival and personal communication equipment;
  • Alpha and Gentex aircrew helmets and ancillary aircrew communications; and
  • Aircraft interface equipment.

Servicing and repair of the full suite of air-deployable Air/Sea Recue Kits employed across the RAAF’s C130-H Hercules and P3-C Orion fleets, including:

  • 10-man rafts;
  • Multi-person survival stores and equipment; and
  • Emergency locator beacons.

Servicing and repair of aircrew and passenger life vests, aircraft life rafts, and emergency flotation bags for heavy and light personnel transport helicopters (including S76C, S92A, EC225, AW139);

Servicing and repair of Helicopter Search And Rescue (SAR) equipment, including:

  • Crew harnesses;
  • Webbing, slings, ropes and crew suspension hardware;
  • Stretchers.

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