Structural Repair

Structural Repair

A State of the Art, purpose built and fully equipped Aircraft Structural Repair facility houses a skilled team of engineers (in house and travel ready to any location) who perform the following functions for Civilian, Government or Military Aircraft:

  • Aircraft Life Extension Programs;
  • Aircraft Corrosion Control and Prevention;
  • Major Aircraft modifications;
  • Wing refurbishment programs, including Wing Spar replacements;
  • Major repair of structural components;
  • Accident rebuilds and complex repairs;
  • Repair by replacement;
  • Structural repairs or replacements required by Service Bulletins or Airworthiness Directives;
  • Restoration of the structural integrity of aircraft.

The above capabilities are applicable to customers within Australia and to the wider international aviation community through the deployment of a travelling team of engineers.

Since 2004, Airflite continues to be responsible for the structural integrity of the entire fleet of RAAF Pilatus PC9/A aircraft. This involves repairs and refurbishment of all flight controls, wings, fuselages, aircraft structures as a result of operational fatigue cracking and stress corrosion, including safety by inspection and safe life inspection programs.

 Through the provision of this specialised Aircraft Structural Capability, the Company offers an integral service to the safety conscious aircraft owner or operator.

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