Airflite’s continued commitment to quality is driven from the standards and expectations in aviation that the Company strives to exceed.

Above all else, Airflite has an obligation to ensure that customers are safe and secure, and the establishment of an internal Quality Department is Airflite’s commitment to ongoing control and monitoring of procedures, processes and practices in every aspect of the business.

This is further evidenced or enhanced with the registered quality management systems, CASA approvals, foreign airworthiness regulator approvals, Australian Department of Defence approvals, and endorsements of our quality system from other third party organisations.

The company can provide quality approved solutions to customers from all levels of the organisation.

Quality Accreditations

  • ISO 9001:2008 (SAI Global – QEC0938)
  • NATA – Electrical Calibration Laboratory (Accred. No. 18436)
  • Gas Cylinder Test Station (SAI Global –Licence GCT20731)
  • Various Airworthiness Approvals, including:


  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority – Australia (CASA) Part 145 (1-VRPCF)
  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority – Australia (CASA) CAR 30 (C290291)
  • European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part 145 (EASA.145.0416)
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 145 Repair Station – (3FPY528C)
  • DGCA Indonesia (145/54900)
  • CAAB Bangladesh (CAA/5534/109/AE1D)
  • BCAA Bermuda OTAR 145 (BDA/AMO/676)


  • DGTA AMO Pilatus PC9/A Aircraft and Aeronautical Products; (RAAF Pearce DGTA-O-0253)
  • DGTA AMO Pilatus PC9/A Aircraft and Aeronautical Products; (East Sale, Vic DGTA-O-0254)
  • DGTA AMO Pilatus PC9/A Deeper Maintenance of Repairable Items. (DGTA-O-0233)