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Are you a team player? Can you think outside of the box? Do you love a challenge? Yes? Then we’d love to hear from you.

Beware, aviation can be contagious – you will catch the bug! Airflite supports new apprentices, we regularly roll out new apprenticeship vacancies, assisted by our training department, we work to develop all our employees into highly-skilled and quality-focused aircraft maintenance engineers.

Our values are the fabric of our culture; the framework for all decisions made within Airflite:


Always our first priority


Ourselves and each other


Clear and effective


Given and received

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    Thank you to all of those individuals noted below, for your commitment and loyalty to the Company, and welcome to the Airflite 20 Year Club.

    Airflite is privileged to have been chosen by all these individuals as their primary place of work for a significant portion of their working lives. Their commitment and loyalty cannot be overstated.

    This commitment and longevity provides the organisation with a backbone of consistency, knowledge and effort that is critical to ongoing success.

    Over the 20 years there have been many great memories created and shared, and many wonderful friendships formed.

    Name Location Airflite Career
    Robert Allen Jandakot 1981 – current
    Kevin Mahon Jandakot 1981 – current
    Homer Constantinides Jandakot/Perth 1983 – current
    Marco Folini Jandakot 1993 – current
    Patrick McCormack Sale/Moorabbin 1994 – current
    Stephen Pittard RAAF Pearce 1994 – current
    Geoffrey Hinschen RAAF Pearce 1994 – current
    David Freeman-Smith RAAF Pearce 1994 – current
    Rupert Ester RAAF East Sale 1994 – current
    Robert Dobson Pearce/Perth 1994 – current
    Richard Garner RAAF Pearce 1994 – current
    Keith Okely Pearce/Jandakot 1994 – current
    Jeremy Mercer RAAF Pearce 1994 – current
    David Leatt-Hayter Pearce/Jandakot 1994 – current
    David Farringdon RAAF Pearce 1994 – current
    David Lyndon RAAF East Sale 1994 – current
    Lynnette Rosam RAAF Pearce 1994 – current
    Ian Abrahall RAAF East Sale 1994 – 2014
    Robert Schultz RAAF Pearce 1995 – current
    Adrian Good RAAF Pearce 1995 – current
    Ian White RAAF Pearce 1995 – current
    Michael Lindemann RAAF East Sale 1995 – current
    Brian Deverson RAAF East Sale 1995 – current
    Debra McLEAN RAAF Pearce 1996 – current
    Kevin Hook RAAF Pearce 1996 – current
    Doug Taylor Pearce/Jandakot/Perth/Henderson 1996 – current
    Lisa Barnes RAAF Pearce 1996 – current
    Simon Nice RAAF Jandakot 1996 – current
    Brendan Chambers RAAF Jandakot 1996 – current
    Robert Williams RAAF East Sale 1997 – current
    Ronald Greer RAAF East Sale 1997 – current
    Darryl Kerr RAAF East Sale/Williamtown 1997 – current
    Peter Jackson Pearce/Perth/Henderson 1997 – 2017
    Wayne Vernon RAAF Pearce 1997 – current
    Paul Aspey RAAF Pearce 1997 – current
    Cameron Macdonald RAAF Pearce 1998 – current

    Airflite is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) operated by a dedicated Training Department.

    This RTO supports internal training requirements such as Human Factors Initial and Recurrent Training, and various Maintenance Process and Procedures Training designed around the various airworthiness approvals held by the Company. Additionally, type training is provided by the RTO in relation to the Pilatus PC-9 Platform.

    Airflite’s RTO is able to design and deliver courses for specific purposes.
    For training inquiries please email training@airflite.com.au

    Training Rooms at Perth Airport are also available for ad-hoc use, seating up to 30 people.
    To inquire or book a training room please email our support staff connect@airflite.com.au

    Airflite also operates a CASA, CASR Part 141 and 142 approved flight training organisation, building upon Airflite Pty Ltd.’s reputation as a leading Asia/Pacific Aviation Solutions Provider.

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