About Airflite Quality Commitment:

Airflite’s continued commitment to quality is driven from the standards and expectations in aviation that the Company strives to exceed.

Above all else, Airflite has an obligation to ensure that customers are safe and secure, and the establishment of a Quality Compliance Department is Airflite’s commitment to ongoing and control of procedures, processes and practices inbedded in every aspect of management the business.

This is further evidenced or enhanced with the documented quality management systems, multiple – Quality approvals, Aviation Airworthiness approvals, Australian Aviation Defence approvals, and endorsements of our quality management system by accredited third party organisations.

Airflite can provide quality compliant engineering solutions to customers from all levels of the organisation.

Civil Aviation Approvals:

  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority – Australia (CASA) Part 145 (CASA.145.0016)
  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority – Australia (CASA) CAR 30 (CASA.COA.0072)
  • CASA Part 141 Flight Training
  • CASA Part 142 Air Operators Certificate
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 145 Repair Station – (3FPY528C)
  • DGCA Indonesia (145F-549)
  • Civil Aviation Authority – Thailand (CAAT) Part 145 Repair Station (583/2560)
  • Civil Aviation Authority – Philippines (CAAP) AMO (464-F)

Defence Aviation Approvals:

  • Defence Aviation Safety Regulation – (Australia) DASR Part 145 (AUS.DASA.145.000015)

Quality Accreditations:

  • ISO 9001:2015 (SAI Global – QEC0938)

Airflite has a strong internal training program aimed at empowering employees and the advancement of our safety culture.

If you require further information relating to the Airflite Compliance Management, please contact our Head Office.

Privacy Policy

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Information contained on this website is not to be relied upon. Where a visitor needs to rely upon any information contained in this site, such as the specification of aircraft, suitability of aircraft for certain roles, or for current approvals, please seek up to date information from Airflite by using the contact form at the bottom of the Airflite homepage.

Terms & Conditions

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