The Airflite Values, as created and defined by Airflite team members, are:

Safety – Always our first priority

  • Continuous human factors and error management awareness
  • An understanding that safety refers to personal safety and aeronautical safety
  • Personal acknowledgement that the activities in the aviation industry can impact many people if safety is not prioritised
  • The safety of ourselves, each other, of aircraft or product, and of prospective passengers to take precedence over all other considerations
  • The freedom to address safety issues in accordance with Just Culture principles

Communication – Clear and Effective

  • Clear communication
  • Active listening
  • Remaining mindful of the method and manner of delivery
  • Respecting different points of view, opinions and ideas
  • The freedom to be heard
  • A willingness to speak up
  • Acknowledging that everyone has a right and obligation to communicate in all directions

Respect – For Ourselves and Each Other

  • Acceptance and valuing of others, regardless of any differences
  • Acting in a manner worthy of trust, and building trust with others
  • Respecting the roles that are given in order to achieve the best results
  • Protecting and promoting equality in the workplace
  • Maintaining professionalism in our conduct
  • Acting with integrity at all times
  • Treating others how we would like to be treated

Recognition – Given and Received

  • A willingness to give and receive balanced feedback
  • A commitment to provide structured feedback
  • Acknowledgement of the efforts of others
  • Highlighting extraordinary effort of others
  • A willingness to share the credit and acknowledge team work
  • Validation of the effort of others in achieving the objectives

These Values are recognised within the Company via the Airflite Values Award.

Airflite Staff or Visitors can nominate an individual or department for the Airflite Values Award.

If you witness a person exhibiting the Airflite Values over and above the expectations of their role; please email their name and a brief description of the scenario to

In addition to the Airflite Values Award, the Airflite Good Show Award will be presented to those who show extra diligence and awareness in relation to Airworthiness or Safety over and above that expected in their role. For this, please submit an SMS0005 Hazard-Incident Report Form to the Quality Department or via