Airflite can provide a comprehensive advanced composite and adhesive bonded repair service for aircraft structure and structural components for civil aircraft under a CASR Part 145 approval and military aircraft under a DASR Part 145 approval.

Airflite conducts component repair work within a dedicated environmentally controlled facility, and for all on-aircraft and off-aircraft repairs, uses its strict procedures in the treatment of damage and repair application to provide a high assurance of repair quality.

Our scope of repair support extends to:

  • Air Intakes
  • Nacelles and pylons
  • Doors and access panels
  • Radomes
  • Wing leading edge
  • Flight control surfaces
  • Fairings and wing tips
  • Aircraft equipment and furnishings
  • Propeller and rotor blades
  • Propeller nose cones
  • Metal-to-metal bonding
  • Fabrication and manufacture in the course of maintenance (FITCOM & MITCOM)
  • Modifications or rework under Engineering Orders and Service Bulletins