Airflite has a facility dedicated to the art of taking a shapeless sheet of aluminium or, in some cases, the bent, broken and damaged pieces of a once beautiful aircraft and creating complex forms that many don’t believe were made by hand.

Airflite has industrialised as one of Australia’s master aircraft structural repair centres with over two decades involvement as the only structural repair capability for the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) fleet of Pilatus PC9/A aircraft.

The skills and tools within our organisation allow us to cater to many non-aircraft engineering projects as well as specific civilian and military aircraft maintenance, repair and modification requirements. Our engineers can be deployed world-wide at short-notice to undertake aircraft structural repairs within hangars, workshops or the field.

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Our scope of support extends to:

  • Major aircraft structural repair, modification and refurbishment
  • Worldwide damaged aircraft recovery
  • Structural component repair and refurbishment of:
    • Fuselage sections
    • Wings
    • Flight Controls
    • Aerodynamic fairings
    • Doors and stairs
    • Landing gear doors
    • Access panels
    • Canopies and windows
    • Nacelles and pylons
    • Galley equipment
    • Aircraft interiors
  • Control-surface balancing
  • Aircraft corrosion control and prevention
  • Aircraft surface finishing
  • Aircraft structural inspection and life extension programs
  • Aircraft welding
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Cockpit console design and manufacture
  • Composite repair