Turning the invisible into the visible, Airflite Non-Destructive Testing Services hold approvals to conduct on-wing and component Non-Destructive Testing, catering to most worldwide regulatory requirements.

Airflite have multi-site NDT facilities for component testing, and operate portable equipment ready to deploy at short notice to respond to AOG NDT requirements at the customer’s chosen site.

NDT Methods

Airflite operates equipment and facilities to conduct penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, eddy current testing and ultrasonic testing. The NDT team are compliant with the Australian Standard for NDT Qualification and Approval of Aerospace Personnel (AS3669-2006), which is technically equivalent to NAS410 (U.S) and EN4179 (Europe).

NDT Level 3 Services

Airflite Level 3 NDT services include NDT procedure development, conducting initial and recertification exams for Level 1 and Level 2 NDT technicians, as well as NDT facility auditing. Airflite’s Level 3 NDT technician sits on the National Aerospace NDT Board of Australia, ensuring a best-practice approach to NDT services and compliance.